Hey Guys! It’s Jana. And welcome to the installment of Staying Inspired.

So it’s been a long season and I feel so bad that I have posted a video in a while. But we’re back to it. And the first thing I want to share with you is something that I’ve learned from this wedding season shooting reception. To things, I’ve done differently this year. Starting probably around June.

I’ve been wanting to share with you guys because it has worked really really well for me. So here we go.

So the first thing I want to share with you is this new light that I found and it’s a Felix light. All right so. So the thing, I love about this is that you can turn the power stronger or you can turn it down. Let me turn on. I mean now that you can see because its daylight right now but you can turn the power stronger or you can turn it down and you can turn the temperature warmer or cooler.

So you have like so much control over on what’s going. Right, so it comes like this. This is how you buy it and it gives off a lot of light a lot of power. The way I use it is, I will use it on my camera. So you can put it directly on your camera and when it’s on my camera then when people are like dancing at the reception have a lot of fun. Then I’ll use it so that my camera is going to catch the focus of the people dancing and I don’t have to use a flash. It going to be like a little prettier but then there’s this diffuser that you had to buy separately but it’s worth it. So when you put that diffuser on it automatically makes the light so much softer.

So I’ll use this diffuser if I’m going to get really close and I want it to be beautiful. For instance, when my bride and groom are cutting the cake or I might have something like a LED light on a light stand back lighting them. Then I would put this on my camera or I would hold it. If I want it at a different angle or have someone else hold it. If it’s at a different angle and I can make it really close to them turn the temperature out or not temperature. It depends on the groom in the timber but I can turn the power down a little bit so that I could at least just catch focus. I don’t have to worry about my cameras searching for focus. If it’s really dark but I can still attain a beautiful shot of them cake cutting without using flash directly on them. So I really wanted to share this. This is probably my favorite find of the year. This has been amazing and I have another thing I want to share. So the second thing I want to share with you and I’m not sure why I’ve never used it before is the ETTL flash cord and what this is is a way that you can.

Hold your external flash and point in whatever direction you want to. And again I use this when it’s the time for the reception dancing like those really really fun shots where it’s got to be in a split second. So I might not have the time to take my external flash to push the button and put it towards the celling or towards the wall, if I’m going to do vertical versus horizontal.

But with this flash, I can do like this with my camera and I could be pointing the flash wherever it needs to go. So this has been awesome too. Both of these have been great. I would say that when I’m going for those more like the parents dancing or the grandparents dancing and I’m getting a more romantic shot that’s what I would use the light.

I showed you before that when people are really getting down like they’re just doing those really really fun shots and you know its just hair is going everywhere and all that kind of stuff. I will use an external flash and I would point it may be right at the person, depending on how fast they’re dancing, if the ceilings are low enough, I would always bounce it off the ceiling and always depending on the light you guys know how it is when you’re shooting indoor receptions. You got to get in there and you got to see how it is. But these are two tools that have helped me so much this year with like hotel weddings, indoor weddings and shooting reception. So I’m excited to be able to share that with you. And I’m excited to do more videos. Also, I’m going to pick tips about both of these on my blog this week. So, you can go to Janafromalabama.com. My Instagram is generally SMILE photos.

My Facebook is generally is photography and I hope that we connect. As always Stay Inspired.