Hey guys! It’s Jana. And welcome to another installment of stay inspired. So I’ve been getting an e-mail quite frequently lately and I think it’s probably because booking season and a lot of people are booking weddings. I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking.

If I could give any tips on shooting weddings, and so, I was like wow! You know a lot of people are asking and it seems like a pretty general question because I have lots of tips for shooting weddings. So I figured we do a YouTube video about it and that way I could just like send anyone who asks and then a leak and you know. So basically, what I’m going to do right now is just start from like what equipment I bring to weddings.


So we’re just going to dig right into it. All right. So one of the first wedding one of the first lenses I bring to a wedding is a 50 Cannon fifty one point two lens and I use this lens probably the most out of every lens. I use this when I’m shooting the bride getting ready. I use this here in bridal portraits during couple portraits. I use it for details. I use it at the reception because it goes down to one point two and I can it like a lot of light in. So I use this lens a lot. Also, bring a canon 100 millimeter macro two point eight. I use these Lenses very specifically. I use it for the ring shot. I use it for the invitation shot. I use it like if there’s like special cufflinks you know, some you will get like really cool cufflinks or something like that. I use these Lenses because it can get really like really close details. Sometimes for the cake too, if the cake has like insane details on it that all I’ll use the macro lens.

And then this is the widest lens I bring. This is a sigma 35 millimeter one point for. I use this lens when I’m trying to get more of a story right. So like when the bride is getting ready and I want to step back and I want to get everything that’s going on and I’ll put this wider lens on when I’m doing room shots of this the reception. Definitely, want to get white shots of that. White shots of the ceremony location, when I’m doing family pictures and it’s a huge number of people. I’ve got to use the wide Lens. So. I use a cannon.

Seventy to two hundred two point eight lens. I use this mostly when we are. Shooting the ceremony. So for instance, like we’re Brides coming down the aisle and you know we’re far away from each other. I still want to get really close up. I still want to be intimate with her and get those pictures so. This was fantastic for that. You know when it when they’re exchanging vows. I’d love to have to get close on this with the 70 200.

I, also, use this lens at the reception when for instance Like her dad’s doing the speech or her maid of honor is doing a speech and she’s doing this like she’s reacting and she’s so touched and it’s so awesome. I’m using the city 70-200 lense so that I could be a fly on the wall. No one knows I’m taking the picture. It’s awesome. I love that sometimes during the first stances too. I’ll you say 70-200. So now I’m going to move on to. When I first arrive at the location,.

The Venue.

I like to get there really early because what I want to do is, I want to like a location scout. I want to see where the beautiful places are to shoot you what I think about the place while I’m doing that I’m going to take what I call scenery shots because if you think about it the bride and groom have chosen this location very specifically and you want to capture it for them. So I’ll do you know location shots. I’m looking for. If we’re doing first look I’m looking for a beautiful location for us to do the first look at and things like that. I’ll arrive to the room where my brides getting ready.

Bride Makeup Shoot.

When she’s about 50 percent done with her makeup. So when I come in, I’m not going to bother her too much. Not gonna get too involved with you know, find out what she’s doing. I’m just gonna take some candid shots of her. Get ready. But my main idea when I first get there is to start doing detail shots which is a dress, shoes ringinvitations. Anything that’s really important that the bride has said to you is very special and I want to do that all in the same story.

I mean, I don’t want to do like the ring shot on like a deck of cards in the shoe shine on Lace. I mean to keep it in the same story. Imagine if it was just going to be in one book. He wanted to all make sense and flow. While I’m doing detailed shots and ring and dress and everything. My eyes are open, my ears open, I’m listening and I’m very much knowing what’s going on with my bride because I want to make sure I get some really good makeup shots before she starts getting her dress. I also want to make sure that. I’ve sort of chosen where she’s going to put her dress on.

So, we pick a beautiful location that she’s going to put a dress on you know like in the room that’s got really great light and we’ll go from there. Probably what happens now is that we’ll go to the first one.