Today, I have three wedding photography tips whether you are a brand new photographer just getting into the industry or you’re an established professional already hopefully going to add a lot in this video.

As photographers, we all have an addiction. My wife Lindsay is actually the only photographer that I’m aware of that does not have this addiction.

You can probably guess what I’m talking about is lenses and gear. There is this huge fear of the unknown that if you just get that new 851 for that you’re gonna be taking such amazing photos that Hilton’s going to call you and they’re gonna send you all around the world to photograph their properties. But as you can guess the photography market does not work like that. Your couple does not care if they’re being photographed with a Nikon 1.4 85 millimeter or this year. TAMARA on 85 1.8 Millimeter which is a lot less expensive. I found myself coming back to the 85-35 focal length that this is on my second body all day. This is my main body all day with the exception of the ceremony. Just in case any surprises happen.

So as somebody that could have access to literally any Nikon lens that would be remotely related to wedding photography. I’m using these. If you only take one thing away from this video please take away how good I am and the ukulele. It’s not even in tune. Please take away that you don’t need gear to make yourself a better photographer and the faster you can get over that mindset of constantly lusting after the new latest and greatest. The more your bank account will grow and I would much prefer to invest that money into learning and education and marketing rather than just buying lenses that my couples don’t care about. I guess one good example of this is that I shot this image here on a 28 millimeter f2.8 which cost me like 300 dollars and fits my back pocket and one of my favorite images ever. So while you might have dreams of owning 1 0 5 at the 1.4 which is a beautiful lens you can get most of that look with an 85 millimeter Tamara. You just don’t look as cool as shooting it on the Internet.

Number 2, is learning to shoot manual mode and getting it 100 percent accurate in camera. It will speed your Lightroom process up or your post-production process up. I can finish an entire wedding in under two hours now. That includes calling and that includes editing. That is all because I’m getting it as right as I possibly can in camera. The other bonus to shooting this good is that if you have dreams of outsourcing which I highly recommend you build your business around back in editing outsourcing. That if you’re getting the image almost all the way to what you want the final product to be. A third party editor has a much easier time interpreting what you want that finished photograph to look like.

Number 3, is something that I struggled with hard. When I was first getting started that the weddings that I was booking were really dictating the direction of my portfolio. I was noticing that I was booking a lot more weddings like the weddings that I was originally booking. The problem with this was that my first few weddings stylistically weren’t really what I wanted my future portfolio to be. But when I’m showing images from those weddings, it’s really connecting with similar couples so you get on this track that you can’t really get off of that you’re booking weddings but you’re not really booking the couples that you want to book. I found my solution by essentially reshooting my entire portfolio one summer all on my own dime. I got my friends in dresses and suits did fake engagement shoots, all kinds of things just to fill my portfolio with my friends and the people that I wanted to be photographing in the future. And it worked and I started to book a lot more people that were similar to my friends and myself. That is when my photography career really started to take off and I really started to enjoy what I do.

So don’t let other people dictate the direction of your portfolio, be in control of that know what you want to create in the future and create it yourself right now. Giving you with one last maybe, this isn’t a 10 maybe it’s tip number four. I don’t know. Do not stress about what other people are doing on the Internet that it looks like somebody is shooting 75 weddings and they’re they’re killing it. They’re doing awesome. You don’t know what that actually looks like behind the scenes. A lot of people fake it until they make it. There’s a great book called The Art of not giving up. I recommend that you pick that up if you have a problem caring too much about what other people are doing.

The more that you can disconnect yourself from that and things that you can’t control and focus on the things, you actually can control i.e. Yourself, your photography career, your marketing what you are doing on a day to day basis and stop letting other people stress you out by how successful they are on the Internet. That’s how you actually become happy in life and with your photography career. By being in control of your portfolio and directing it where you want to go and shooting manual so the post-production is way less than you can outsource that if it’s not something that you want to do. You want to spend your summer in your studio editing and you have money because you don’t need to buy the Nikon D5 or the Sony 89 to be successful at what you do. That’s all for today. I’ll leave you with this ukulele gimbal. It.

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